2021 Board Election Candidates


The following candidates have all been nominated for the two available positions on the Board. All the candidates meet the requirements of Rule 6c of the Funeral Directors Association NZ. Consequently, the two highest polling candidates will be elected to the two-year terms.



FULLARD, Richard

Richard has been a passionate advocate for the Funeral Directors Association since joining the Board in 2017.

He has lead changes in the membership strategy, Take the Time to Talk campaigns, been a director and representative within Funeralcare Magazine and part of the organisational group for many conferences and events.

Richard is a qualified and registered Funeral Director, Justice of the Peace, and owner of Osbornes Funeral Directors in Rotorua.


HANLEY, Sharron

I started with Macdonald & Weston Funeral Home as a Funeral Director/Embalmer in December of 2012. I have had many years of experience in the Funeral Industry in Australia and New Zealand.

I believe the most important part of my role is listening, communicating, and understanding.

In 2015 myself and my husband David bought

Macdonald & Weston Funeral Home, in Invercargill, so that it remained a local family owned and operated Funeral Home for the needs and wants for the families of Invercargill, Southland and surrounding districts.

I obtained my NZ Diploma in Funeral Directing in 2014 and my NZ Diploma of Embalming in 2017.

Macdonald & Weston re-joined the Funeral Directors Association NZ in June 2015.

I became District Chair for Otago/Southland from 2017 and now District Coordinator. I also became a Justice of the Peace in late 2019.

I live in Invercargill, and I believe that being in the South Island will bring new blood into the Board.



I have actively participated in the funeral industry more than 30 years and owner of Haven Falls Funeral Homes operating in Whangarei, Auckland, Rotorua & Wellington. I have had governance experience as Chairman for Te Roopu Kapahaka O Te Atatu community organisation and Chairman for Haven Falls Community Trust.

My vision for the Association focuses predominantly on national recognition and expansion, as these are the fundamental requirements for us as an organisation to gain the credibility required to exert influence and effect change. Encourage strategic steps toward a more cohesive relationship with the NZ Embalmers Association as we navigate through the many environmental and health pandemical challenges currently being experienced within our industry, being the impact of covid and the legislative changes with mortuary waste alternatives. Maintain frontrunners positioning within the industry through forecasting trends as to how our families are pivoting in order to achieve a meaningful farewell. Create a platform enabling members to communicate with each other for sharing ideas and experiences and issues in real time, thus allowing for equality and self-empowerment amongst peers and enhancing the purpose of current email updates, provincial and national meetings.

Given the opportunity to participate in a board member capacity I would positively promote tikanga and cultural values, the first being collectiveness, kotahitanga. I would also commit to the lobbying and relationship building at a government level to develop the influence to achieve the association goals. Increasing membership is a key priority and I would actively seek, support, and encourage new membership. Keeping the association relevant, responsive, and valuable to members is vital and I would also focus on the current landscape of the association. Alongside these key responsibilities I am passionate about the funeral industry and will always offer my 100% participation and commitment.



Often called an old soul by his friends, Marco enjoys good food, good wine, and meaningful conversations. Outside of work he is found playing vinyl, diving a local reef, studying everything there is to know about a new topic, trying a new restaurant, or enjoying anything to do with the arts.

From heavy machine operating and training to emergency management, Marco certainly has a varied work background which has taught him a broad range of skills.

He has been in the funeral industry since 2016, working under the Legacy Funerals group umbrella since late 2017. Earning his Diploma of Funeral Directing in 2019, along with his subsequent Funeral Directors Association registration, he is passionate about education, innovation, building and harbouring great relationships, and preparing our industry for the future. He has attended numerous industry events not only in New Zealand, but also overseas.  He has connections with operators in Australia, USA, Canada, England, and Japan.  This has increased his knowledge and passion for the industry.

Marco believes he would be a great asset to the Board because he is a part of the next generation of funeral directors.   He wants to be a part of the changes that will impact how our industry operates in the future. He has a critical mind paired with a proven ability to enact positive change. He believes that if you see a problem, you should be a part of the solution. He believes in what our industry does and wants to do all he can to share that. He strongly advocates the value of having a meaningful farewell and choosing a registered funeral director who meets a set of operating standards.